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Withdrawal Application

Please fill in your Child's Registration # and Father C.N.I.C # for Student details auto fill on this form.
Student Registration Number can be found on the last fee bill received from school. In case of any assistance in filling up the form please contact the school office.
  • Dissatisfied with the quality of education
  • Completed last grade level offered by school
  • Moving student to another school. If so, which school
  • School location is inconvenient
  • Relocating to another city/country
  • Financial constraint
  • Type of curriculum being offered
  • School administration policies and personnel
  • Teaching quality / teacher's conduct
  • Physical environment (campus, washrooms, gym....)
  • Daily activities
  • Special events (e.g., field trips, events, PTC...)
  • Do you want someone from HO to call back for a follow up / discussion for possible retention?

Kids Kampus

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