Kids Kampus

About Us

In 1974 Mrs. Mussarat Salamat, a pioneer in early childhood education in Pakistan, established the Kids Kampus brand with a simple vision to create a world class pre-school in Lahore. Since its inception, Kids Kampus has delivered on its unwavering commitment to provide the very best in early childhood education. The success of our in-house developed curriculum has resulted in such an increase in student population year after year that it spawned the creation of SICAS, a comprehensive network of affiliated elementary and secondary schools across Lahore which provide top quality education from pre-school to A levels.

β€œIt started out as a dream that took years of hard work and utmost dedication to fulfill. The energy, the thought and the smallest attention to detail that goes in the management of these schools cannot be put into mere words. It is not surprising then, that Kids Kampus is a matter of such pride not only for me and my team but also for the children and their parents who have and continue to enjoy our education.”

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