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GymKids is an exciting early childhood development program which offers carefully chosen elements of physical play, reading, cooking, art and swimming for kids between 18-36 months. Designed by Kids Kampus, GymKids offers fun-filled and age-appropriate activities designed to develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of children as they play. Our programs also encourages parental involvement and aids in the participation and understanding of their child’s development.

GymKids offers 5 main elements which are as follows:

Play and Learn
Our most popular class! Children are guided through their early learning experiences while they move, play, and explore in our safe and purpose built activity areas. Activities are principally designed to develop age-appropriate motor, listening, conversational and social skills.

Baby Monet
This program will help enhance your child’s imagination and express his/her creative powers through the colourful world of hands-on art activities.

Lil’ Chef
This program enables your child to follow easy and fun cooking instructions in a completely secure and hazard proof kitchen. Little chefs, without realizing it, experience the practical application of numeracy and literacy by following recipes, mixing ingredients and creating their favourite dishes.

Early Readers
It is never too early to develop a passion for reading! Seize this window of opportunity to enhance your child’s reading aptitude and creative potential with our early language development program.

Aqua Tots
What better than having to swim with your child in our specially designed and temperature controlled swimming pools. Our swimming program enables children to develop water survival skills at a very early age.

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