Kids Kampus


Kids Kampus is the pioneer in Aitchison and other external elementary school admission test preparation. For more than forty years no pre-school has prepared and successfully placed more students in schools such as Aitchison and Convent of Jesus & Mary than Kids Kampus. Students studying in Grade 1, who have previously indicated a preference to appear for the Aitchison admission test, are rigorously taught all elements of the admission’s requirements such as a solid foundation in core subjects like English, Urdu and Mathematics as well as basic concepts in Logic and Reasoning. Students are also encouraged to learn test taking techniques so that they develop confidence in their ability to take the test. Our Grade 1 faculty members are some of the most talented and experienced admission experts fully familiar with the academic criteria required at this grade level as well as cognizant of test preparation and exam taking skills required by the students. Aitchison test preparation: while historically students have only appeared for the K-2 admissions test, starting in 2014-2015 academic year Kids Kampus – Zafar Ali Road also started offering Grade 2 which allows students to also appear for the K-3 admission’s test. Parents are strongly advised to familiarize themselves with the test requirements for their elementary school of choice e.g. Aitchison, Convent of Jesus & Mary etc., and clearly indicate their preference at the time of admission so that the school management staff can evaluate and place students in the appropriate grade levels and sections.

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