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Online Admission Process for 2020-21 Academic Year


Please note that admissions are open for the academic year 2020-21. The online admissions process will be in place during the period of school closure. 


Step 1:Please kindly fill out the online registration form. An admission officer will contact you to schedule a preliminary virtual interview using Google Meet .  How Google Meet actually works
Guidelines to ensure a smooth interview

For those who are unable to access Google Meet, the preliminary virtual interview may also be conducted using WhatsApp Video call. Please kindly state your preferred method of communication on the online registration form.

Further instructions:
1) participation of both parents/ guardians is not mandatory
2) participation of student is not required
3) estimated time of interview is 5-10 minutes

Step 2: To the extent that the preliminary virtual interview is successful and assuming that seats are available at a school for the grade applied, the admission officer will send you a link for a detailed online application form which needs to filled out by the parents. At this time the admission officer will also send the registration fee voucher which needs to be paid. Parents will need to wait 72-96 hours after payment of registration fee for the school to contact them with the schedule for the final interview. 

Step 3: On receipt of the registration fee and submission of the detailed online application form, the admission officer will schedule a virtual interview with the school Principal via Google Meet or WhatsApp Video Call. 

Further instructions:
1) participation of both parents/ guardians is mandatory (preferably from a single location)
2) participation of student is also required
3) estimated time of interview is 10-20 minutes

Step 4: Successful candidates will be issued a conditional offer for admission to the school along with the admission fee and refundable security deposit voucher which are required to be paid within the stipulated time period to secure the admission. 

Step 5: The final offer for admission will be contingent on a face to face meeting with the parents/ applicant and the Principal once the school is able to do so. In the unlikely event that the conditional offer is not converted into a final offer for admission after the face to face meeting, Admission Fee and Refundable Security Deposit will be returned to the parents.

In case you have any issues with the online admissions system please send a detailed email to  


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