Kids Kampus


Admission at Kids Kampus is very selective and parents of prospective students can apply for the term starting in September depending on the availability and age eligibility requirements.

The admissions team seeks to admit those students who, in its discretion, will be able to embrace the opportunities provided by school and who are committed to the mission and vision of Kids Kampus. All applicants are reviewed extensively to determine whether he or she will be able to benefit fully from the experience offered at Kids Kampus.

The admissions process starts with the submission of the school registration form, followed by a basic academic assessment of the applicant along with an interview of the applicant and the parent(s). Depending on the age of the child some of the areas that we take into consideration when assessing his eligibility for admission are:

  • Academic aptitude
  • Parent(s) education profile
  • Approach to learning
  • English language proficiency
  • Individual learning needs
  • Age boundary for grades

Parents are advised to apply at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the term they intend to enroll their child in so as to allow enough time for the various stages of the admissions process to be completed. Additionally, parents who intend to enroll their child for the term starting August/September are advised to conclude the admissions process in April/May i.e. before the start of school summer break.

Please visit our campus to register your child for admission. Alternatively, you can initiate the admissions process by filling-in a quick Online Admission Query form. Our Admissions staff will follow-up to schedule a campus visit for you and answer any questions you might have

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