Kids Kampus


(Ages 6.0 – 7.0 years)

Grade 1 is a important/decisive vital grade level at Kids Kampus. Students in this grade build on skills and concepts learnt in previous years to understand advanced concepts in literacy and numeracy. Our reading program includes phonics, letter-sound associations and identification of word patterns which help students not only recognize common words automatically but also attempt to decipher unfamiliar words. Participation in extracurricular activities is strongly encouraged in this grade and students too keenly look forward to performing in their school’s annual play and displaying their skills at the annual sports day. Students, especially those who are preparing for Aitchison and other external admissions test, are also required to improve their exam taking techniques and master the syllabus requirements for English, Urdu, Mathematics through additional learning support from our expert teachers.


  • Comprehensive core curriculum in English, Mathematics, Urdu and Logic & Reasoning
  • Individual attention in small group setting
  • Strong home-school links
  • Regular assessments and reporting through PTCs
  • Encouragement of independent learning and test taking skills
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