Kids Kampus


(Ages 4.0– 5.0 years)

The school day incorporates well-planned theme, finer motor, literacy and numeracy experiences into our daily learning centres.
The Nursery stage marks the start of more structured learning. School day is divided into theme related learning in the centers and well-planned literacy and numeracy experience.


  • Language and Literacy Center
  • Library / Reading
  • Math and manipulative
  • Science and discovery
  • Social Studies
  • Art and creativity
  • Technology
  • Dramatic Play

Structured writing also begins at this stage. Children are introduced to age appropriate writing activities using specially designed resources and tools. They are gradually exposed to writing practices that help them form letters and numbers


  • Large and small group activities
  • Emergent literacy skills – phonological awareness and vocabulary development
  • Learning centers that focus on dramatic play, creative arts, language development, and sensory exploration
  • Weekly thematic units
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